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Presenting the worlds premium Pop Out Cakes! Pop out cakes are the ideal gift for your bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party or any special occasion! The guest of honor will be stunned & surprised when this oversize cake opens up with a sexy man or women exotic performer or dancer inside!  Or you can have anyone you wish jump out of the cake a buddy, a relative, or a neighbor! The pop out cakes are lightweight, sturdy, easy to use & reasonably priced three tier pop outcakes. Use them for parties, stage shows, or any event or gathering. This pop out cake is perfect for customer or commercial use. In addition to consumer use, the jump out cakes are a great revenue producing item for party & event planners, nightclubs, gentlemen's clubs, catering halls, private party halls, restaurants, hotels, theatrical prop rent allocations, party supply equipment sales and rental stores, costume shops, entertainment services, catalogue & storefront retailers. Other uses for the cake include films, television shows, and plays. Our jump out cakes are efficiently deigned, and constructed of the finest materials available. The cakes are designed to be lightweight, sturdy, reusable and will fit into the back of a standard size SUV when the tiers are stacked inside each other. The cakes require minimal assembly & set up, take two minutes, a child of ten can out it together,

Fully portable four to six feet foot high, potout cakes. Stores comfortably anywhere against a wall or behind a door, it fits though all doorways, being only one and half feet wide when its collapsed. Then in seconds it expands to its full shape, by stacking small on large, into its true wedding cake shape pop out cake form. Each section weighs from five pounds to fifteen pounds, making placement an ease. Call for purchase or rental with less than One hour notice. 888-214-8211


                              Pop out any size girl fits in this cake #1


                                 World's largest Custom Designer popout cake, any girl fits in #2


                                           A very large Custom Designer popout cake, any boy fits #3


                           A pair of Custom Designer popout cakes for twins #4



                 A pop out wedding style large fits up to 10 cake #5


                                          A pop-out box & tier style cake #6


                             A step up stairs pop out cake #7


                             A  red rose & draped pop out cake #8


                                 A  hot pink pop out design for your sweetheart #9


                       Biggest pop-out heart shaped largest cake #10


                          adult sexy lady pop out of a cake eat it up #11


                           Poker night in Vegas Atlantic city pop out custom cake #12


                         Biggest pop-out pink bow shaped largest cake #13


                       Biggest pop-out blue ribbon shaped largest cake #14


                    Biggest pop-out sexy model shaped largest cake #15


                         Happy Birthday real cake and filling pop out cake largest cake #16


          50 anniversary real cake and lights pop out cake largest cake #17



   Talk show 2500th episode pop out cake custom worlds largest cake #18


            Burlesque pop out girl Atlantic city model #19


              silver and white las Vegas custom pop out cake#20


                      Many-colored red flowered pop out cake 21


                                  silver pop out four feet high four feet round cake #22






                                 Gold-50th-Birthday-Custom Designer popout-four-feet-high-round-cake-#25


                      Pink-shiffon-Yellow-trim-Custom Designer popout-cake-#26


                                   Sitting-on-the-ritz-Custom Designer popout-cake-27


                            White-satan-yellow-shiffon-draped-over-Custom Designer popout-cake-#28


                            Forth-of-July-celebration-Custom Designer popout-cake-#29


                        Mini-two-tier-kids-Custom Designer popout-portable-cake-#30


                    Two-tier-pop-out-cake-red-flowers-personal-cake 31


                                  Dark-mysterios-all-black-three-tier-Custom Designer popout-cake-32


           Custom Designer popout-Tall-pink-stranger-twenty-fifth-anniversary-giant-cake-33


                  Heavenly-Tall-dark-blonde- Popping-out-fabulous-Custom Designer popout-giant-cake-34      




                             Two tier baby kid Custom Designer popout cake -36


                             Sleek-traditional-New-york-Black-and-white-Custom Designer popout-giant-cake-37




                     Pink-shiffon-Las-Vegas-show-girl-Custom Designer popout-Icing-dripping-cake-39


                                   Happy-Birthday-New-Orleans-Custom Designer popout-giant-cake-40


                       Lite-up-rows-of-lights-Chicago-Illinois-Custom Designer popout-cake-41


                      Columbus-Ohio-Ribbons-and-Roses-Custom Designer popout-cake-42


                              New-Jersey-Tall-Thin-Custom Designer popout-Jump-out-Giant-Black-cake-43




                             New-York-City-Giant-Jump-out-Custom Designer popout-cake-45






                   California-Beverly-Hills-red-fringe-This-butts-for-you-Custom Designer popout-cake-48


                    Denver-Colorado-multy-color-jump-out-Custom Designer popout-cake-49


                Pennsylvania-Philadelphia-custom-logo-Custom Designer popout-jump-giant-cake-50


      Indiana-Bloomington-Indianapolis-Famous-pop-star-jump-out-Custom Designer popout-cake-51










       Arizona-Phoenix-Scottsdale-Jumpout-red-strip-flowered-Custom Designer popout-56








              Atlantic-city-New-Jersey-Happy-Birthday-Custom Designer popout-cake-60





     Manhattan-Brooklyn-New-York-Six-tier-Custom Designer popout-cake-63

       Happy-Birthday-Las-Vegas-Nevada-Custom Designer popout-cake-64


      Beverley-Hills-California-Custom Designer popout-Jump-out-cake-65


              Gold-strip-Two-Tinny-Tot-Texas-Custom Designer popout-cake-66


Houston-Texas-wrapped-Black-Red-ribboned-custom-Custom Designer popout-cake-67




       Atlantic-City-New-Jersey-Show-girl-Custom Designer popout-cake-69



Manhattan-Queens-Candy-Cartoon-Kiddy-Custom Designer popout-cake-70


                Nashville-Tennessee-Light-It-Up-Custom Designer popout-Designer-Prop-71




                     New-York-Brooklyn-Party-Sculls-Custom Designer popout-cake- 73


           Chicago-Illinois-World-Class-New-Years-Jumpout-Party-Cake- 74


            Brookly-New-York-Leopard-Skin-Light-Up-Jumpout-Custom-Cake- 75

        Our pop out cakes are all made to order, and can be delivered to any state in the country. Having a bachelor party and want to give the bachelor a special gift, call us for your custom pop-out cake. You'll love the taste of the cake, imagine your bachelor coming to your dance club and seeing this six foot cake, and best of all his very own girl popping out of our pop out cake, now that's a cool present no matter who the bachelor is. Call us any time day or night, and we custom fit your pop out cake gift for him or her.Pop out cakes Christmas Gingerbread customhouse delivery 50 states USA We make our custom Gingerbread houses & Custom Designer popout cakes to order. You know you've always wanted to jump out of a cake, here's your chance! Surprise your friends and family at the next event by jumping out of one of our specially designed PopCakes! Our giant cakes are perfect for parties big and small. Whatever the occasion our PopCakes are sure to make it a party to remember! No need to work out how to make a pop out cake as this giant cake is perfect to jump out from to surprise guests at your birthday party or event. If you want to make a party worth remembering, whether it is a bachelor or bachelorette party, corporate event, birthday party or simply a special gift, you can rent or purchase one of our professionally made pop out cakes. The rates are very reasonable and we can ship nationwide. There are many sizes and many Styles to choose from. Enjoy.

        Presenting the nation's finest Pop Out Cakes with one days notice delivery anywhere! Pop out cakes are the perfect gift for your bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party or any special someone occasion! The guest of honor will be shocked & surprised when this huge oversize cake opens up with a beautiful male or female erotic stripper or dancer inside! Or you can have anyone you wish jump out of your personal cake relative, friend, neighbor, or lover! The pop out cakes are lightweight, durable, easy to use and affordable three tier pop out cakes. Use them for parties, stage shows, or any event or Bachelor or bachelorette party. This pop out cake is perfect for consumer or commercial use any party any time of the year. In addition to consumer use, the pop out cakes are a great ways to make money on your own for party and event planners, nightclubs, gentlemen's clubs, catering halls, private party halls, restaurants, hotels, theatrical prop rent allocations, party supply equipment sales and rental stores, costume shops, entertainment services, TV shows, catalogue & storefront retailers.

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